The Jesus Prayer et al



There are many forms of the Jesus Prayer, as well as many variant spellings and pronunciations of the name Jesus. The Hebrew pronunciation would be Yeshua. In the original collage above, which I designed, I use ISUS, which is a Latinized form of the Old Believer Russian Orthodox spelling. I encourage people to meditate on the Holy Name and experiment with praying the Holy Name to discover which language and form of the Jesus Prayer resonates most deeply within your heart.

Here is the full form of the traditional Jesus Prayer in Greek (shown in the Latin alphabet):

For Men:

Kyrie Iesou Christe, Yie tou Theou, Eleison me ton amartolon.

For Women:

Kyrie Iesou Christe, Yie tou Theou, Eleison me tin amartolon.

These prayers would pronounced like this:

For Men:

KEE-ree-ay ee-SOO khree-STAY, YAY too thay-OO, eh-lay-ee-SOHN meh TOHN ah-mar-toh-LOHN

For Women:

KEE-ree-ay ee-SOO khree-STAY, YAY too thay-OO, eh-lay-ee-SOHN meh TEEN ah-mar-toh-LOHN

One can hear the Greek pronunciations here at

Instead of praying “have mercy on me”, some prefer to pray “have mercy on us”, which in Greek would be “Eleison emas”


Simplified forms of the Jesus prayer:

One can adapt the Jesus prayer to one’s preferred form. Some of the most simplified versions are “JESUS, MERCY / IESOU ELEISON”, “LORD HAVE MERCY / KYRIE ELEISON”, “CHRIST HAVE MERCY / CHRISTE ELEISON”. The form I tend to make use of is “KYRIE IESOU CHRISTE ELEISON”.  I also like to combine the Latin Holy Name of Our Lord with the Latin Holy Name of Our Lady, adding Sanskrit seed-syllables as a prefix, in an abbreviated Rosary form of prayer: OM MARIA, HU JESU


Fr. Matthew Fox’s 4 Jesus Prayers of Creation Spirituality:

via negativa Jesus prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me”

via positiva Jesus prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, the fullness of life, fill us”.

via creativa Jesus prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, maker of parables and artist of healing, co-create with us (or) Lord Jesus Christ, artist and parable maker, inspire our creativity”

via transformativa Jesus prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, prophet and warrior, make us strong champions of justice (or) Lord Jesus Christ, you who took on the empire, support our prophetic call”


Biblical basis of the Jesus Prayer:

Luke 18:13

But the tax collector, standing far off, would not even look up to heaven, but was beating his breast and saying, ‘God, be merciful to me, a sinner!’

Luke 18:38

Then he shouted, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”

(New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition)


Elder Ephram of Katounakia reciting the Jesus prayer:


Björk – Prayer Of The Heart/The Jesus Prayer – Music Video



Fr. Dewi’s original booklet on the Rosary Mysteries, which include additional 5 Prophetic Mysteries, can be viewed on Scribd:







DEW’s Holy Orders: March 16th & 17th, 2018 (Syracuse, NY)

2018 Primitive Catholic Church & Progressive Celtic Church Conclave:

I was ordained as a Door-keeper, Reader, Exorcist, and Sub-Deacon by Bishop Michael Leavitt and then ordained as a Deacon by Bishop Michael Leavitt, Archbishop Rodney Rickard, and Archbishop Alban Kirk Mason on the evening of March 16th. The next day, the morning of March 17th, 2018, the feast day of St. Patrick of Ireland, I was ordained as a priest by the same three bishops and celebrated my first Eucharist. Later that day I was installed as an archpriest and made a Knight in Quod Arcanum Est Ruber Rosis Ordinis Celtic Crucis Christi by Archbishop Rodney Rickard. DEW resigned as archpriest within the Primitive Catholic Church and Progressive Catholic Church as soon as learning of unethical behavior, but remains under the jurisdiction of Bishop Michael, who is a kind and supportive bishop. I stress again that I no longer have affiliation with Rod Rickard, Kirk Mason, The Primitive Catholic Church or The Progressive Celtic Church and acting as an independent apostolic priest in an underground house church model of ecclesiology and using traditional orthodox sacramental rites.

I would like to express my heartfelt “Thank You” to my beloved sister Linda and to my dear (now departed) brother-in-law Gary for escorting me to, being present at, and taking photos of this special and sacred event. May Our Lord bless them and Our Lady guard them, and may The Most Luminous Holy Trinity enable me and empower my priestly ministry. 🙏94BBC177-3366-400A-8D4A-BC2AE2964B91877085AE-6609-4DC3-A0ED-571AB1FEE79DDE9E5DC9-BC3A-4308-87DE-B7C96C44D251EEB902BC-3F2A-4363-92CC-F7944F4F533F